Resignation of Twitter's Head of Trust and Safety

Twitter's Head of Trust and Safety, Ella Irwin, confirms resignation amid criticism over lax content protections following Elon Musk's acquisition.

Resignation of Twitter's Head of Trust and Safety

The Head of Trust and Safety at Twitter, Irwin, who joined the company in June 2022, assumed the position in November after the previous head, Yoel Roth, resigned. In her role, she was responsible for overseeing content moderation.

When contacted via email, Twitter's automated reply featured a poop emoji, indicating a lack of response. Irwin has chosen not to provide any additional comments at this time, and Elon Musk, Twitter's CEO, has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Irwin's departure coincides with Twitter's ongoing struggle to retain advertisers, as brands remain cautious about their association with inappropriate content on the platform.

In recent news, Elon Musk announced the hiring of Linda Yaccarino, the former advertising chief at NBCUniversal, as Twitter's new CEO.

According to earlier reports from Fortune, Irwin's internal Slack account has been deactivated.

Twitter Undergoes Cost-Cutting Measures and Employee Layoffs Following Musk's Acquisition
Following Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, the company has implemented significant cost-cutting measures resulting in the dismissal of numerous employees. Among those affected were individuals dedicated to curbing harmful and illicit content, safeguarding election integrity, and promoting accurate information on the platform.

As part of his strategic vision, Musk has introduced a new feature called Community Notes, allowing users to provide contextual information within tweets, aiming to combat the spread of misleading content on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Twitter's moderation efforts have drawn heightened regulatory scrutiny. The company recently withdrew from a voluntary agreement with the European Union aimed at addressing disinformation, while maintaining its commitment to comply with forthcoming internet regulations in the EU.

EU industry chief Thierry Breton issued a warning to Twitter, stating that despite its withdrawal from the voluntary agreement, the company would still be obligated to fulfill legal requirements within the EU.