Mother Shocked as 13-Year-Old Daughter Gambles 52 Lakh INR on Mobile Games, Leaving Only 5 INR in Bank

Mother Faces Financial Hardship as Daughter's Online Gaming Addiction Drains Savings.

Mother Shocked as 13-Year-Old Daughter Gambles 52 Lakh INR on Mobile Games, Leaving Only 5 INR in Bank

A distressing incident recently unfolded in China, where a 13-year-old girl's love for online gaming led to dire consequences for her mother's financial situation. The girl developed an addiction to online gaming, specifically in-app purchases, and ended up stealing a staggering amount of 449,500 yuan (equivalent to Rs. 51,98,671) from her mother over a period of four months. This revelation comes from a report by the South China Morning Post, shedding light on the severe impact of online gaming addiction on individuals and their families.

The mother of a girl named Wang recently learned about her daughter's situation when a concerned teacher approached her regarding Wang's excessive phone usage and suspected addiction to online pay-to-play games. Unaware of the incident until then, Wang's mother was shocked by the news.

Upon further investigation, Wang decided to check her bank balance and was dismayed to find that her account only held 0.5 yuan (equivalent to approximately Rs. 5). The discovery of the minimal remaining balance highlighted the financial loss incurred by Wang, likely due to her involvement in the online games.

Later, when the girl's father decided to have a serious conversation about her excessive spending habits, she finally opened up and admitted the truth. It turned out that she had utilized a staggering amount of 120,000 yuan (equivalent to approximately Rs. 13,87,854) to indulge in game purchases. What's more, she confessed to splurging an additional 210,000 yuan (around Rs. 24,28,745) on in-game transactions. The shocking revelation didn't stop there, as she tearfully confessed that she had also spent 100,000 yuan to purchase games for at least ten of her classmates, demonstrating her generous yet misguided intentions.

What led to her utilization of these funds?

In her admission, she revealed that she stumbled upon a debit card within her household and proceeded to connect it to her smartphone. The young girl's mother had previously shared the password for the debit card with her, primarily for emergency circumstances.

Surprisingly, the young girl went as far as erasing every trace of transaction records linked to her online purchases.